Jack Bruce & Robin Trower

On tour TBA [Exclusive representation for ITALY, SPAIN and SWITZERLAND]
Line Up: Jack Bruce (voice and bass) | Robin Trower (guitar & voice) | Gary Husband (drums)
Websites: www.jackbruce.com | www.robintrower.com | www.garyhusband.com

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Jack Bruce and Robin Trower, in collaboration with Gary Husband on drums, propose this new art project which is realized with the new record "Seven Moons", which turns out to be an album far more interesting than expected. Too often these collaborations result in useless work, producing discs that do not add anything to the careers of musicians and may even throw some shadows on their creativity. The duo Bruce / Trower manages not fall into the trap and indeed, after two not-so-successful albums (published in the early eighties), it calls into question thanks to this disc. Bruce's voice is more soothing than in the years of Cream, his pitch is slightly lower and typical for a man of sixty-five, perfect for the music on this album. Trower’s Hendrix style is partially mitigated and the result is a relaxed blues-rock that embodies the image of these two old trombones that are having fun. It starts with the title track, fluid and sinuous and goes on without hurry, they leave that to the youngsters. The psychedelic past of both resurfaces with the wonderful "Distant Places Of The Heart": of course, Bruce and Trower are unlikely still interested in experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs and altered states of consciousness, but they can still light a couple of joints. The result is a slow and rhythmic song, a trip of more than five minutes, which seems to stare at the Summer Of Love with nostalgia of those who know it will not happen again. The best songs are certainly those who take up these sounds, "Just Another Day" and especially "The Last Door", which give a little dilated and melancholy atmosphere, as opposed to more typical rock tracks, which instead form the backbone of the disc.
Seven Moons is a surprise, a varied and mature album, that does not upset anything, but that enchants, relaxes and grows the more you hear it. The production is direct, lean, as are the tracks proposed: a small jewel that unfortunately passes almost unnoticed. Search for it, it's worth it. ... And most of all do not miss their upcoming summer concert, a real treat for the numerous fans of Rock / Blues of the 60's/ 70's and will make you relive the magical sound that has characterized our lives and who has written many pages in the music encyclopaedias!





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