"Yeah u rite...tour bella!" Thanks Mac!
mx e dr john
Break Live Music would like to dedicate this space to thank one of the most esteemed artists of New Orleans, none other than the legendary Dr. John. 
As many experts have said, his italian tour has been one of the most important Blues event this summer. Surely, our on the road experience with this incredible artist will remain unforgettable for us. We had a chance to encounter first hand his greatness, receptiveness and, above all, humaneness, committed with the fight for human right and the protection of his territory devastated in the past by natural calamity and the recent ecological catastrophes caused by the frivolous acts of mankind. We take this opportunity to thank all of those who made this tour a big success as witnessed during concerts in festivals considered to be the best in Italy such as Liri Blues Festival and Trasimeno Blues Festival. Special mention to the grand finale in Villa Ada in Rome wherein well-known TV personalities, one of which is Renzo Arbore, came to meet Dr. John in the backstage - proof of the artists' undeniable talent who has written important pages in the music history. We still remember how Dr. John greeted us after the concert on his last day of tour, giving us an autographed LP of his latest album "Tribal" with the dedication: "Yeah U Rite...Tour Bella!" Thanks Mac! See you next tour or maybe....in New Orleans!
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